Version 2.2

What's new

  • Improved copy+paste
  • [alt] + drag to quickly duplicate notes
  • [alt] + scrollwheel to zoom vertically (+ [shift] to zoom horizontally)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for transposing notes by step/octave (as shown in the piano roll's context menu)
  • Other usability improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed some issues in Logic on Apple Silicon

    How to update

    Download and run the appropriate installer after closing all running instances of Klimper:

    Version History

    30.06.2023: Version 2.1

    • Updated UI color scheme

    24.05.2023: Version 2.0.92

    • Issues with Ableton 11.3.2 have been resolved

    19.04.2023: Version 2.0.9

    • Audio Settings in standalone now available via File/Audio Settings
    • Some UI rendering glitches have been fixed

    30.03.2023: Version 2.0.8

    • Issues on Logic using Apple Silicon have been fixed
    • Timing issues have been resolved

    08.02.2023: Version 2.0.7

    • When entering notes into empty spaces within a melody track, a new enclosing section is created automatically
    • Simplified setup of the Track plug-in: when adding a new track plugin to your DAW, a corresponding track within Klimper Main is created and connected automatically
    • Tamed over-ambitious auto-scrolling behaviour in the piano roll
    • Fixed crashes in Logic Pro
    • Fixed UI state persistence issues (especially in Studio One)
    • Fixed exporting of Midi clips
    • Now uses Metal instead of OpenGL for UI rendering on macOS

    14.12.2022: Version 2.0.6

    • Problems occurring when Klimper's Track Plugin instances are duplicated within the DAW are now fixed.

    30.11.2022: Version 2.0.5

    • High DPI Displays on Windows: the scaling of menus and dialogs was fixed.
    • Note names are now shown in the piano roll.

    28.11.2022: Version 2.0.4

    • Occasionally, the internal instruments sounded out of tune due to improperly adopted sample rates. This is fixed now.