Using Klimper (VST3) with FL Studio

Quick Start

If you just want to create chord progressions really quick and don't mind using Klimper's built-in neutral piano sound for chord playback, just add the Klimper Main VST3 to your Channel Rack: 

  1. Click on + in the bottom of your Channel Rack
  2. Select More plugins... and double-click on Klimper Main

Playing Chords through other Software Instruments

If you want to preview your chords through your favourite instruments directly, an extra setup step is needed to route the midi notes accordingly.

Method 1: Works for 3rd Party VST3 Instruments only

Note: If you don't have Klimper Main in your Channel Rack, add it now as described above.

  1. Click on the cog icon in the top left corner of Klimper's plugin window and open the settings screen (second icon from the left)
  2. Select a MIDI Output port (and memorise it)
  3. Add your desired synth plugin to the Channel Rack
  4. Click on it's cog icon in the top left corner and open the settings screen
  5. Set the MIDI Input port to the number you select as Klimper's output in step 2.

Method 2: Works for FL's built-in Synths as well

Note: If you have Klimper Main already in the Channel Rack, remove it now.

  1. Click on + in the bottom of your Channel Rack
  2. Select Patcher
  3. Right-click in the Patcher window and select Add Plugin to add Klimper Main
  4. Double-click on Klimper Main
  5. Click on cog icon in the top left corner and set the MIDI Output port to any number.
  6. Inside Klimper, click on the headphone icon and select Klimper Main Midi Out
  7. Right-click in the Patcher window, select Add Plugin and choose your desired built-in or VST software instrument
  8. Remove the blue connection from FL Studio to your Synth by dragging it's end to the empty space
  9. Connect the blue dots from Klimper Main to your Synth by drag and drop

Chords triggered within Klimper will now play through your selected synth plugin.

Using Melody/Bass Tracks with other Software Instruments

  1. In Klimper Main, click on Add New Track
  2. Click on the new track's headphone icon and select Klimper Track Plugin > Auto-connect to next Track Plugin instance
  3. You can now proceed using either Methods 1/2 (see above), but instead of using Klimper Main, use Klimper Track